Google will finally let you preorder the new 23W Pixel Stand for $79


Despite more than a few issues with the preorder process and shipping, Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have made their way into the world, and now the company is ready to sell an upgraded version of its Pixel Stand for wireless charging on your desk or side table. This new stand costs $79, just like the first-gen model did when it launched in 2018 with the Pixel 3.

Like the original, it automatically adjusts the phone’s UI for docked use to pull up photo frames or shortcuts to your Nest Security cameras and can switch into do not disturb mode at night.

However, this time around, Google is trying to justify that relatively high price by offering faster charging. The new Pixel Stand can charge compatible phones at up to 23 watts, which, coincidentally, is the fastest rate you can get with the Pixel 6 Pro, while the Pixel 6 tops out at around 21 watts. That’s a bit disappointing when plugged into a 30W charger but gets more acceptable with the convenience of wireless.


Google explains the tradeoffs that led to Pixel 6’s slow charging complaints

How does that compare to the newest iPhone 13 models? The fastest charging available falls short of the iPhone 13 Pro Max that’s capable of 27W when plugged directly into a powerful enough charger. But for wireless charging, Apple’s fastest MagSafe standard peaks at 15 watts on most of its new phones and 12 watts on the iPhone 13 Mini.

Meet the second-gen Pixel Stand from Google.

It’s a superfast wireless charger with up to 23W of power. It works with compatible Pixel phones, Pixel Buds, and Qi-certified mobile devices.*

Learn more at the Google Store:

— Made By Google (@madebygoogle) November 18, 2021

As promised, the new Pixel Stand has a fan inside that Google says is quiet enough to keep things cool even if you’re charging while taking a long video call, a 30W PD 3.0 USB-C power adapter, and it can charge non-Pixel Qi-certified devices at up to 15W. The 30W charger and cable alone cost $35, but you won’t get faster charging whether you’re plugged in or not.

Orders for the new 23W Pixel Stand on the Google Store are open now, with shipping dates predicted for early- to mid-December.

If you like the design and the software tweaks but don’t need the speed, the original Stand is available on Woot for $28.99. While that’s a deep discount from the original price, and it comes with an 18W power adapter in the box, it’s still $5 to $10 more than similar wireless chargers that may work just as well, like Belkin’s 10W stand for $24.99 or Anker’s PowerWave Stand that doesn’t come with a power adapter but is on sale for $19.49.

Update (2:50PM ET): Clarified charging speed vs. iPhone Pro Max 13.

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