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Search Engine Interface for Personal Computers

Finding files and documents within the hard drive of a personal computer can be challenging. This personalized search engine software enables the average user to become a search expert in no time at all.

A Fast and User-Friendly Search Engine

Copernic Desktop Search Home is essentially an all-in-one search engine that can be used to instantaneously locate files found within a hard drive. It includes numerous out-of-the-box extensions such as Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF and WordPerfect, so users can address those formats which are employed the most often. Once a specific file has been located, it can be viewed and opened within a dedicated preview pane. Please note that it is also possible to search for email files; an added benefit when tracking down a correspondence.

No Prior Experience Required

Copernic Desktop Search Home is great for novices, as a handy installation manual will help to guide users through the initial process. No personal information is ever collected and keyword-based searches can be used in order to narrow down the results. Any findings can likewise be sorted according to predetermined categories.

Copernic Desktop Search Home allows individuals to instantly search their files, e-mails, and e-mail attachments stored anywhere on their PC’s hard drive. The application executes subsecond searching of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, Acrobat PDFs, multimedia, etc.

Performance: With low memory foot print and the lowest usage of computer resources, CDS is optimized to offer the best search experience.
Privacy and security: User-identifiable information is never sent back to Copernic or any third party.
User-friendly experience: The most user-friendly and powerful interface of the industry.
Support Team: Exceptional Award-Winning support services for Copernic Desktop Search.

The Power of a Search Engine Right on Your Desktop
User-oriented desktop search solution, Copernic Desktop Search is designed for home users, professionals and small businesses who want to free up their time so they can focus on their clients.

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