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Download Accelerator Manager


Download Accelerator Manager for Windows. Why does it work so well? Download Accelerator Manager (DAOM) allows you to experience incredible download speeds increased by more than half, just by downloading one small application. This application then becomes the central tool for unlimited downloads on any Windows platform, including XP, Vista and Windows Vista Ultimate. It is a program which does all the hard work for you – speeding up your downloads and unclogging a lot of errors that often occur when your computer tries to download an application.

All the big antivirus programs ignore these large files. They don’t even look at them, and they rarely trigger any sort of error or problem. So, why are these large files so often ignored by all of the top antivirus programs? Well, they make a lot of money from advertisements, because they send out millions of fake spam emails each day. The only thing that’s not ads – is your computer.

Download Accelerator Manager takes this a step further by being able to scan the internet, find all of the virus-infected web downloads, and remove all of them. In total, this program covers the three major categories of viruses and spyware – malware, adware, and spy. It is extremely effective on all of those categories and will remove all of the infected files, which will speed up your computer greatly. If you’ve been looking for an effective way to speed up your downloads, then Download Accelerator Manager is the only thing that will work for you!

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