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FreeRapid Downloader, also known as Vity or Rapidyrio is a web based software that will allow you to download music and videos to your computer using either a regular FTP or an online web based service such as Facebook, FileZilla or Yahoo. The website Vity has become infamous in the cyber crime world because many people fall victim to it’s spyware and adware programs. Many individuals state that they have spent hundreds of dollars on useless software to clean their systems but this software could already be removed with FreeRapidDownloader. Vity provides a free trial for their program which allows you to download and experience the program first hand.

FreeRapid Downloader can be used on both windows and mac operating systems. This software allows you to browse through millions of files that are in high definition and provide great speed when downloading large files. This software supports several file-sharing services including MegaSpace, Usenet, FileZilla, FlexiMusic Video and Yahoo! Video.

The main features of FreeRapid Downloader include: unlimited number of connections, easily removes spyware and adware, easy to use interface, support for multiple file-sharing services, free download manager, built-in scheduler, simple graphical user interface, free video conversion tools, high-quality audio conversion tools, unlimited number of supported languages, unlimited number of simultaneous connections, no virus and pop-up problems, fast start up and long battery life, many languages, no limits on the number of simultaneous downloads, etc. This program also has an optional live chat, private forums for members and a helpdesk. The program also gives the option of creating an automated sync engine which allows users to share, download and install their favorite audio/video programs. The FreeRapid Downloader also provides a free trial period, after which users can become members. The trial period allows the user to try out the various features and see if it suits them.

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