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How To Save Images To A Web Page

Save Images


Lumox, a free Firefox add-on which has been specially designed to save all the pictures on a web page you are viewing. If the site doesn’t have the pictures, but has links to them rather than the regular pictures, you could use Save Images to create a list with all the links to these pictures, and download them straight away from the site. Once downloaded, they will be available for use on all the sites you are visiting. This is really useful if you visit many different sites, because each time you open a new site, the pictures displayed on that site will have been saved and placed onto your computer’s hard drive. You will have saved all the sites you have visited on a CD.

To use Lumox to save images to a web page, first visit the Lumox home page, then click the button ‘Add URL’ at the bottom of the page. Enter the sites you want to load the pictures on. Press the ‘Add’ button again to confirm you want to save the selected sites. Then click the ‘List’ button to display the list of all the sites you have saved the pictures to.

If you have Firefox, there is a special function to this, known as the’FTP’function. Visit your Firefox ‘about’ page to find out how to use this function. Simply type the web address of the sites you want to load the images from, followed by the ‘FTP’ command. When you are asked to insert a file of type, enter the word ‘FTP’ followed by the file name of the file you want to save. You will then be asked to name your saved image file, choose a suitable name and click the’Upload’ button. Your image should now be ready to be used on all the sites you visit!

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