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Lightning – A Secret Weapon of God!



Lightning is the loud sound created by lightning striking somewhere. Depending on the distance away from where lightning is hitting and nature of that lightning storm, it could range from a low, medium-sized rumble to an extremely loud crack. The lightning causes rapid contraction of the air in front of the path of the lightning strike as a result of which the surrounding air is expanded. The expanding of this air pushes against nearby objects causing friction and a slight amount of buoyancy.

Lightning occurs in many different forms and at different times. It is important to recognize when there is lightning to get proper protection against lightning strikes. The most common types of lightning are thunder and lightning. When thunder is close to earth, lightning flashes and sometimes sparks may also occur and create lightening in the cloud. A lightning storm occurs when the cloud is thundering and lightning is occurring in a certain area.

Lightning creates an intense heat and large amount of wind force. This creates high winds that is a good conductor of electricity. In cases when the thunder is extremely loud and close by, the debris in the cloud can produce a shockwave that could break the glasses on your eyes or hurt your hands and fingers. By paying close attention to thunder and lightning, you can help lessen the damage and protect yourself.

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