Download WebCopier 7.0 for Windows


Improved HTML Setup and Improved Browser Compatibility


WebCopier is the most popular copier machine among office and home users. With features that vary according to the model it is hard to go wrong. It is especially nice that WebCopier can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Office applications as well as printers that use the same format. Some of the other copier models that are similar to Webcopier include Xeikon, Planer, and Smart Copier, all of which can also be used with Microsoft Word, Publisher and Acrobat Reader. Copying documents to the Web using Web Copier entails some minor configuration steps.

The Web Copier from MaximumSoft Corp. provides users with a feature-rich and intuitive interface. The user interface displays scanned copies and PDF information, allowing the copying of documents to be done without having to deal with the complicated menus present on many brand name copiers. When one presses the Print button, the copied information appears right away on the desktop or in the browser window. Web Copier for Windows can copy either text or images, depending on the type of document being copied. Because the Webcopier includes an integrated browser, it is also possible to access any information at any time, no matter where in the world it is located.

Webcopier includes a user-friendly feature wherein the user can see all saved changes immediately. This feature is similar to what Adobe Acrobat Professional version does, but the only difference is that it has been enhanced to make it easier for people to edit PDF copies of their documents. With the integration of web servers such as MSN, Yahoo and Google, users will also have the ability to post information about their websites on their copies. They can do this via the built-in RSS feed and can even update their information via email. Webcopier is now improved with Windows 10 version, making it the most complete copier brand in the market today.

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