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Windows Video Downloader


Windows Video Downloader is an easy-to-use and lightweight program developed specifically to help you in capturing all your favourite multimedia files from the internet, convert them into any other format and then share them with your friends and family using your Windows operating system. It comes with powerful features that are especially designed for your Windows-based PC. It is a simple yet effective way to obtain and convert your media files to other formats. Windows Movie Downloader comes free with Windows, which enables you to easily capture all your favourite videos and music files.

Windows Movie Downloader is simple to install, as it can be run by double clicking on the program’s desktop icon. This software will then prompt you for a few simple parameters such as the title and the selected file, where you need to enter a name for the video that you want to download. Once done, you will just need to wait for the conversion process to be completed and once completed, you can immediately start enjoying your downloaded videos. Windows Movie Downloader has the capacity to download videos from any website across the internet. If you are planning to share your favourite videos with your family and friends, this application will come in very handy since it allows you to easily upload your videos to the Windows device, which can be accessed by any user with Windows as the operating system.

The Windows Movie Downloader software comes with many other features such as its ability to create DVDs, play most multimedia files such as mp3s, wma, flv, mov, etc, and allows you to burn movies using most DVD burning software like Parallels, TrueCrypt, ImgBurn, and CompactFlash. You can also burn your downloaded movies to disk, iPod, FireWire, and even USB flash drive. All your files are stored on the Windows server, so you do not need to worry about any time-consuming data recovery since the data is automatically backed up on the server. With Windows Movie Downloader, you can easily add the feature to your desktop computer or laptop, giving you access to your favorite videos on the go anytime.

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