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InFile Seeker – Free Download Online

InFile Seeker is a tool designed to search for words or entire sentences\strings inside a huge amount of text-based files. The tool performs a quick and precise search inside all files found in a specific folder and its subfolders. Search results are shown in a specific tab containing a list of all files with the keyword/string you looked for. By selecting one of the files in the list you will be able to preview or open it.

You will have the possibility to specify the file type in which run the research by simply selecting one or more between the default file extensions (*.txt *.cpp *.php *.htm *.xml and many more) or by adding custom ones through the extension manager implemented in our software. The preview will show you the text inside that file highlighting all instances of what you were looking for, allowing you to easily browse between results through the software interface.

Everyone who needs to search for strings in text-based files. Developers searching for keywords in source code files, or common user who needs to find a specific word or sentence in many plain text file.

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    Windows Vista