Netflix officially lists HDR support for Google’s latest Pixels


Fans of inky blacks and bright highlights rejoice: Netflix now officially lists HDR support for Google’s Pixel 6, 6 Pro, and more affordable 5A. That’s according to one of the streaming giant’s support pages, spotted by 9to5Google, which appears to have been updated sometime after January 14th. The update also appears to have listed the phones as supporting HD on the service.

The update should mean owners of Google’s latest smartphones won’t have any problem watching HDR or HD content on Netflix. Although the streaming service often lists new devices as compatible on the day of their release, as with the Galaxy S21 series, there are occasionally times when it doesn’t list support until much later, like with the OnePlus 8.

It’s not entirely clear why Netflix hasn’t listed HDR or HD support on the Pixel 6 lineup until now, but shortly after the phone’s release, users on Reddit were reporting that their phones didn’t appear to be able to play HDR content from the service properly. However, the problem doesn’t appear to have been universal, with other Reddit users reporting that they’ve been able to watch Netflix’s HDR content without issue on their Pixel 6 devices from day one. Hopefully, the update means the feature should now work for everyone.

Disclosure: The Verge is currently producing a series with Netflix.

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