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User-friendly software to block unauthorized networks from accessing a computer

PeerBlock is essentially a robust firewall which ‘blocks’ unknown IP addresses from accessing the contents within a computer. It can be a very useful tool in the event that personal information needs to be safeguarded from prying eyes. As this bundle provides an extra level of protection, it is often employed alongside other security measures such as anti-virus software.

Main Functions and Usability

PeerBlock provides users with a plethora of highly customizable features. Some examples of sources which can be blocked include peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing sites, pop-up advertisements, blind outbound links and any websites which contain spyware. This application can also be set to check for updates when they arise; a great way to keep informed of any changes associated with a specific web page. As very little CPU memory is required, PeerBlock will not adversely affect the performance of the majority of operating systems.

Other Tools

PeerBlock is able to connect through port 443 or port 80; even if they may be blacklisted. When in use, this software displays real-time information such as the protocol and source of each website. These features are quite useful for those who might be looking to troubleshoot a specific page or who are trying to detect the presence of malware.

PeerBlock – Free Download Online

App specs

  • License

    Free (GPL)

  • OS

    Windows 7