It’s 2022, and the Surface Duo is finally getting Android 11


At the beginning of this month, my colleague Monica Chin published an article with the headline “It’s 2022, and the Surface Duo still doesn’t have Android 11,” pointing out that Microsoft hadn’t brought Android 11 to the dual-screen phone despite having said in September that it was working on delivering the by the end of 2021. That’s finally changing, as Microsoft has begun to roll out Android 11 for unlocked Surface Duos in North America and Europe, as reported by 9to5Google.

Not every Surface Duo will be getting the update right away; if you have a Surface Duo that’s tied to AT&T, it sounds like you’re going to have to wait just a bit longer. “For locked or unlocked AT&T Surface Duos, we are testing this release and it is pending final validation,” according to Microsoft’s page about the update.

Now, the wait begins for Android 12 — which still hasn’t arrived on the Surface Duo 2. However, according to Windows Central, Microsoft apparently plans to bring Android 12L, which is designed to improve the Android 12 experience on bigger screens, to Surface Duo devices at some point.

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