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Subscription-based Remote Desktop for Multiple Platforms

VNC Connect offers a subscription-based remote support tool, though it comes with a limited free tier for up to five computers, accessible by up to three simultaneous users. Each paid-for tier has its own level of security features, though the tool lacks some of the features seen in competitor products.

Affordable, Multi-Platform Support Tool

VNC Connect can be used for both personal and enterprise use, either for offering remote support or for shared meetings. Though lacking some of the features seen in other leading remote supprot software packages, there’s a free tier that should suit most personal users, and the pricing structure isn’t too steep. VNC Connect does offer support beyond Windows PCs, fully supporting Linux. Using the software requires the VNC Server application to be installed on the remote machine, with the VNC Viewer applicaton being installed on the connecting computer.

Final Thoughts

VNC Connect offers a free tier that will suit many home users looking to offer support to a friend or relative, or for a very small office. The price tiers above this aren’t too costly, though VNC Connect lacks some of the convenience features seen in competing products.

VNC Connect – Free Download Online

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