AllCall W2 Smartwatch: More than 30000 units sold out during presale


Maybe it’s because of the warm weather which brings people to the beach where they realize they’ve to put up some weight and they need something to keep them motivated to lose it, or maybe the AllCall W2 is just a great deal. One way or another, AllCall just announced that they’ve already sold more than 30000 units since the watch got on presale, which are some quite incredible numbers for the Chinese company.

This means that the AllCall W2 has been well received by the public, just like its predecessor, the AllCall W1.

What’s probably the top feature that sold so many watches is the IP68 waterproof rating, which is nice to have and sometime necessary in daily life and outdoor sports. It does indeed let you use the watch when you go for a swim or decide to run under the rain, the W2 will not get damaged in either case.

Another neat feature is the photo shooting capability. The watch is in fact equipped with a 2.0MP HD camera to ensure you a wholly new photo experience. A quad-core processor along with 2GB of RAM then make it run smoothly throughout its life.

The Zeblaze Z2comes with a Samsung AMOLED high-brightness display, which is clearly visible even under the sun. Besides, the 3G calling and browse internet features is also rather convenient because you can make calls freely even without a phone around. Finally, the watch supports 9 different sports modes and a heart rate monitoring chip to bring more benefits to your health.

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These are only some of the feature we felt like made it a great purchase but we’re sure there are more we’ve missed which made so many people get the device. If you want to learn more about the AllCall W2 you can visit the official website.

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