Ckyrin S10: Made for both Sports and Business People


Different clothes are made for different occasions. In a business meeting, we鈥檒l choose a suit to make us look more formal, meanwhile when going out to workout, we usually take on sportswear to feel more comfortable. It’s almost impossible to find clothing that can be good for both occasions, but luckily, that changes for other things you can wear, for example: a smartwatch. More specifically the latest Ckyrin S10 IP68 waterproof smartwatch appears to be a great balance between business and sports as it looks classy while still providing all the features you need for your workouts.

As we can see on Ckyrin’s official website, the watch comes with lots of neat features for sports, such as heart rate monitoring, pedometer, calorie counting, GPS, etc. All these features can brings some benefits to your health as they’re able to provide a direct and scientific data to understand whether you’re doing good or not. Besides, there are 9 different sports modes available on the Ckyrin S10, such as walking, running, riding, rope skipping etc, basically including all common sports modes.

On the other hand, Ckyrin S10 packs features for business people as well. Being equipped with a Nano SIM tray and supporting WCDMA and GSM network, the Ckyrin S10 can be used as your second smartphone to receive messages, make calls and surf the internet even if you forget your phone at home. Meanwhile if you connect to one, the Ckyrin S10 is able to show notifications for messages that you receive on your handset. Features aside, also the hardware is high-end coming a Mediatek quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, a smooth user experience is a guarantee.

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Overall, the Ckyrin S10 provides all kinds of features you’d need for sports and business.
If you want to learn more about, visit the company’s official website.

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