Dual-purpose smart wristband Mafam M1 discounted on Coolicool


Smart wearables and nowadays an integral part of (not just) our tech lives and there are countless models and variants available on the internet. So for the makers to actually stand out of the crowd a bit they have to come with some unique concept or idea. And that’s exactly the case with pretty interesting Mafam M1 smart wristband, which is currently on sale from the Coolicool e-shop.

Mafam M1 is successfully trying to merge the smart wristband with wireless stereo Bluetooth headpones, because pair of Bluetooth 5.0 earphones is hiding just beneath the display as you can see in the pics. The smartband can offer 0,96-inch TFT touchscreen, IP67 waterproof certification, heart rate sensor for continuous monitoring, blood pressure sensor, calorie counter, notification support, sports activities tracking and much more. The 110 mAh battery capacity should also be okay for lasting at least a week in standby mode.

Smart wristband Mafam M1 is right now on sale from the Coolicool e-shop and you can get it for just $70.99. The price can seem a bit steep, but that’s the fate of all the somewhat unique solutions to be priced a bit higher than usual. So check it out in case you want too see and try something a bit different.

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