Huawei Patents A Unique Back-Hand Gesture For Smartwatches


Huawei just got a unique patent for smartwatches which compensates for the limited space on a smartwatch display. The聽World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) received this patent on聽July 29, 2016, and it was published today with the caption聽‘Gesture input method for wearable device and wearable device’. This patent describes an unusual way in which you can input letters on your device by writing on your fingertip. With the use of聽multiple ultrasonic sensors or an infrared sensor, the input area is not limited to the display and users can write on the back of their hand.聽

Well, for this gesture to work, the smartwatch has to scan the back of the hand (writing area) thus it is essential that the arm and the hand are kept on the same elevation. From the patent images, users will be able to write on four zones surrounding the smartwatch and the fingertip does not necessarily have to touch the hand. This means that a user can write on air within the sensor area. Whatever is written on the back of the hand will be displayed on the smartwatch.聽Double-clicking, long press and multiple fingers gestures are some other features that Huawei hopes to implement. However, this is only a patent and we know that some of these patents never hit the road.

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