OPPO Enco M32 review: covering the bass


OPPO might be relatively new in the audio accessories space, but its Enco range of TWS earbuds and neckbands has managed to earn praise from both critics and users. In fact, the Enco X TWS earbuds ended up snagging the Best Premium TWS of 2021 title at Indian Gadget Awards recently, wherein over 40 experts weighed in with their opinions to choose the winners. OPPO’s Enco M31 Bluetooth neckband was also appreciated for offering superb sound quality at a reasonable price last year, and now that there’s a successor that comes in the form of the new Enco M32, we had to take a closer look. 

The Enco M32 looks like a typical neckband at first glance, but closer inspection reveals good design and a build quality that looks and feels quite premium, defying its affordable pricing. The flexible loop features matte-finished cylinders at both ends, while the earbuds are glossy and due to the way they’re designed, protrude out from the ears. The outer tips feature a shiny silver finish, and the two buds attach magnetically together.

There’s no dedicated power button – pulling the buds apart turns the device on, and attaching them together turns it off. Rubber fins add to stability, and ensure the buds won’t pop out from your ears while running, and differently-sized tips are available in the box to suit different ear sizes.

On the left side of the neckband, the plastic cylinder sports volume controls, a multifunction key and a USB Type-C port which is covered with a flap. A charging cable is included in the box. It’s worth mentioning that the magnets employed in the buds aren’t very strong, and they can come apart on their own sometimes. This can occur while they’re around your neck, but there are more chances of this happening and the device switching on inadvertently whilst stored in a bag or purse.

One of the most noteworthy points about the previous model, the Enco M31, was the support for hi-res LDAC, which ensured pristine, balanced sound quality. Unfortunately, the Enco M32 has dropped that, adding a more bass-heavy sound signature, longer battery life and fast charging tp the mix. The IP has also been improved, and the new buds are rated IP55 for resistance to dust and water – you can safely wear them to the gym without worry. The Enco M32 feature 10mm drivers and support AAC and SBC audio codecs. Also on offer is dual-device fast switching, working over Bluetooth 5.0. There’s no companion app, and no way to change EQ – so you’re stuck with the way OPPO has tuned them.

Coming to the all-important sound quality, the sound signature has been tuned towards a more bass heavy response, something which is likely to appeal to the masses. These are well suited to genres like pop, dance, EDM, Bollywood etc, and can get pretty loud too. However, the bass can overwhelm vocals and, the instrument separation can get muddy, making the Enco M32 not so suited for genres like classical and jazz. There’s some distortion audible at higher levels too. They work reasonably well for calls, and the extra-long battery life could come in handy for this too. The light weight and comfortable fit helps too. 

Speaking of battery life, that’s where the Enco M32 really shine. Rated for a whopping 28 hours on a single charge, they deliver on the promise too. And thanks to fast charge, a quick 10-minute plugging-in can give you up to 20 hours of listening.


The OPPO Enco M32 are a bit of a mixed bag really, especially when compared to the M31. Dropping the hi-res audio support might not gel well with some folks, but with their bass heavy signature, the M32 should work well for most others. Rivals for the Enco M32 include the likes of the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z, the Mi Neckband Pro, and the Realme Buds Wireless Neo 2, though the older Enco M31 still make for a solid buy if you can find them selling anywhere. As far as the Enco M32 are concerned, OPPO seems to have traded the hi-res support for more mainstream aspects like better IP rating, faster charging and significantly improved battery life, which could work in their favour. 

Editor’s rating: 3.5 / 5


  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Good battery life and fast charging
  • IP55 water-resistant
  • Affordable


  • No LDAC support
  • Magnetic buds can come apart
  • Distortion at high volume levels

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