Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with WhatsApp and Telegram support will be presented on March 29


Today Xiaomi announced the date of its big presentation – it will take place exactly one week later, on Monday, March 29th. The focus will be on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra smartphone, but in addition to it, at least the official announcement of the Mi Notebook Pro 2021 should also take place. Finally, according to the source, the Mi Band 6 will also be presented on the same day – a new version of the super-popular fitness bracelet. And Mi Band 6 has every chance to outshine its predecessors due to its expanded functionalities.

So, for the first time in the series, it will receive a pulse oximeter and a GPS receiver. There will still be an NFC version. Also, the fitness bracelet should have about 30 training modes and integration with WhatsApp and Telegram.

In terms of appearance, no changes are expected; but the screen resolution will be largr, and the graphics on it will be better. Most importantly, we do not expect an increase in the cost of Mi Band 6. Despite all the innovations in terms of functionality; the fitness bracelet will cost the same as the current Mi Band 5. Although it is possible that at the start of sales and, accordingly, some sellers will raise prices at the start of sales. However, fitness bracelets are not video cards or game consoles; so in this case, there will be no shortages or significant price increases,

The first live photo of Xiaomi Mi Band 6 from the manufacturer

The network has been gradually accumulating details about the future Xiaomi bracelet. Recently, a completely official live photo of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has become public.

The photo was found in the declaration of conformity filed by Huami for the European Union. Note that Huami is not only the owner of the Amazfit brand; but also as a contract manufacturer of fitness Xiaomi Mi Band bracelets.

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In the text of the documentation, the bracelet is referred to simply as Smart Band, but the file name and photo directly indicate the name Mi Smart Band 6. The XMSH15HM model number is also mentioned, under which the new Mi Smart Band 6 bracelet has already passed certification in Indonesia and India.

Judging by the photo, the bracelet is very similar to last year’s Mi Band 5 in appearance and also have a magnetic charging.

According to preliminary data; the smart Xiaomi Mi Band 6 bracelet will be in many ways better than last year’s Mi Band 5. It will receive support for SpO2, NFC, GPS, Alexa voice assistant, as well as a larger screen. In addition, the software functionality will expand. Including, instead of 11 modes of activity, there will already be 30; including new ones – dancing, zumba, cricket, basketball and kickboxing.

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