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Secure and fast file management

MegaDownloader is a free, high-speed file downloader service with integrated cloud storage. MEGA operates on all major devices and platforms connected to the Internet, and allows for users to directly download files housed in its cloud to any of your devices with the app installed. It’s an easy solution for hosting files – especially in an office atmosphere – and is a free means of convenient, secure cloud storage.

Upload, manage, share and communicate

As a cloud service, MEGA allows users to link, share, and manage data. MegaDownloader will also encrypt files, securely upload photos and videos, and has the capacity to exchange private or group messages. Files you’ve downloaded can be saved to your computer, phone, or tablet, which lets you access them even when operating offline. You can also use MEGA to hold encrypted video or audio calls in either a direct or a group setting. Some of MEGA’s other features include:

  • Fast download speeds that keep pace with your Internet connection
  • Automated download of files of all sizes, ranging from kilobytes to several gigabytes
  • File versioning capabilities for easy reversion to older copies
  • Support for parallel downloads for organizing numerous files
  • Optional segmented downloads allowing you to selectively boost download speeds even faster
  • MegaDownloader as an office tool

    MegaDownloader is a popular choice of cloud software in the workplace as it allows for secure, fast management of files, no matter how large or how many. It’s an easy way to share links, spreadsheets, proprietary programs, or larger video files between a large group of people. Receiving users do not need an account, but adding new members over the MEGA app is also very easy.

    MEGA comes with a standard launcher wizard and installation should only take a few seconds. In an office scenario, any members added will automatically become contacts with all others tied to the business. From that point you’ll be able to share files directly with them, and add them to groups. If you and this team member later part ways, you’ll lose no vital data; you can just move it over to a new account.

    Accounts are required

    While the service MegaDownloader provides is pretty outstanding, it won’t let you find that out without making an account on their website, which is a little annoying. Doing so is thankfully free, and all the software requests of you before you can go for your first test run is your email address. Unfortunately, users are not able to set new languages from within the app; you’ll need to manually change language settings through your PC.

    While accounts are required, you won’t have to pay a cent to use the service. MEGA’s free plan offers over 50 gigabytes worth of free space, and you’ll still get to reap the encryption benefits and high download speeds of the app. You’ll also receive a neat free 10GB for every invitation you send to your friends, which is one more reason MEGA is preferable when working with larger groups.

    MegaDownloader vs Dropbox and Google Drive

    While Dropbox and Google Drive offer decent user management, file versioning, and substantial data protection both when resting and in transit, MEGA offers superior end-to-end encryption than the competition, as well as more secure team messaging and voice conferencing. As such, MEGA is the best choice when you’re working in a group or business setting.

    Using MegaDownloader for calls

    While the primary mission of MegaDownloader is safe, accessible cloud storage, the app also provides a convenient, fast means of communication, similar to an app like Viber. Both audio and video calls through the app feature end-to-end encryption, keeping your calls secure and private. Talking over MEGA works on mobile devices, tablets, and on PC via a web browser.

    MegaDownloader is secure to use

    A cornerstone of MEGA’s business model was to provide a product and interface that promote speed and usability without sacrificing the security necessary for the safe download of all kinds of content. As such any and all MEGA client products are kept open source and are subject to frequent inspection. Any data you send over MEGA is encrypted with a cryptographic key.

    These cryptographic keys are generated from your own password before any information is ever sent. This way nobody (including MEGA) is granted access to your password or your data. Only receiving parties that you manually select are granted the keys to accessing the data you sent. MegaDownloader does not establish any other connection with other servers, and it’ll never try to sell your personal information.

    Accessible and secure cloud access

    You don’t need any kind of prior software installs to run MEGA, and so far it’s the only app that offers browser-based, high-performance end-to-end encryption. An easy entry point coupled with high security has incentivized millions of business and personal users to start using MEGA. 50 gigabytes of free cloud storage is a substantial offer, especially with the aforementioned extra 10 GB you can get from recommending the product.

    MegaDownloader also earns points for providing the experience gratis, ad-free, and without relying on microtransactions or hidden add-on fees. You can use it for free or choose to upgrade to a PRO account, which provides more TB for storage and transfer purposes. MEGA is an especially excellent tool for scheduled business meetings, communicating with remote offices. Download the app now and try it out for free to see whether it’s the best cloud storage for you!

    Updates and news

    MegaDownloader’s biggest recent improvement is the addition of a browser plugin extension called MEGA Chrome extensions (which works on Firefox as well). This optional extension reduces loading times even further, strengthens security, and improves download performance. MegaDownloader has also recently removed the minimize button in the ‘add links’ window, which is a welcome help towards preventing weird behavior with copy/pasting links.

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